November 2020 Pay It Forward - Laura Ingalls Wilder Park and Museum

For the month of November, the Laura Ingalls Park and Museum is our ‘pay it forward’ campaign recipient, and we thought we would give our recipient the chance to tell you about them this month!

Dear Two Way Radio Gear , INC,

We at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Parks and Museum in Burr Oak ,IA . Would like to Thank you for the Donation of 5 UHF portable radios. We are Placing you on the wall with a Plaque of your Value of the donation of $ 500 -$1000 Bracket which makes you a Lifetime member of our Organization. With your donation we will be able to Provide better communication all year long and especially during our Big event. As you may or may not know We bring in around 2500 Visitors from all over the World and when emergencies happen Communication is Key. Board member and staff will be able to communicate better.

Nic Doughan

Property and Grounds Chairman

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