5 Useful Tips for Upgrading to Digital Radios

Upgrade to digital- 5 tips

Here are 5 useful tips for upgrading to a digital radio fleet.

  1. Choose new digital radios that are operating on the same frequency as your existing radios 

UHF and VHF radios cannot work together and radios on a 403-430 MHZ split cannot work with a 450-470 MHZ split. If your current fleet consists of CP200 radios, consider upgrading to the new CP200D for example. Or, invest in the CP200D Analog only configuration and upgrade (via programming) to digital when your budget allows.

  1. Invest in new digital radios that can also be set to operate in analog mode.

Both new and old radios need to be operating in the same mode to communicate. If you will need your new radios to communicate with older analog radios, be sure your new investment is backwards compatible.

  1. Choose TDMA over FDMA digital mode when selecting new digital radios for your business.

TDMA and FDMA radios will not work together. Over 74% of digital radios used worldwide are TDMA. Future-proof your investment with digital radios such as the EVX series and CP200D series that operate in TDMA mode.

  1. Consider the cost of new accessories.

Investing in digital radios with backwards-compatible accessories makes sense. For example, many of the accessories that worked on the now-discontinued CP200 will also work on the NEW Mototrbo CP200D digital radio. Save money by not having to invest in new batteries and chargers if possible. Similarly, the EVX and VX series share a UNI battery system so UNI chargers that work on the analog VX models will also work on the new digital EVX radios.

  1. Call Two Way Radio Gear for expert help choosing the best transition strategy from analog to digital.

Here at Two Way Radio Gear, we are aware that upgrading your fleet can be confusing and expensive. We know the market inside out, and can give you sound advice on future-proofing your investment.


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