Two Way Radios - the next best tool for your dental office?

Two Way Radios For Doctor and Dental Office

A busy dental office in Sarasota, Florida recently purchased a 6-Pack bundle of Motorola CLP radios to improve in-office communication.

Up until now they had been relying on good old-fashioned face-to-face, "track down and interrupt" messaging. They came to realize that this practice was inefficient and time consuming. They were looking for an office communication system that would be unobtrusive and save time. Two-way radios looked to be the answer.

When it came to choosing which radio best suited their needs, they called Two Way Radio Gear to get advice. They found out that the Motorola CLP series radios are the preferred choice for doctor and dental offices. They are extremely compact and discreet. CLP radios are wearable and have a lightweight earpiece that clips onto the uniform. No messy wires to deal with. One of the CLP accessories is a unique magnetic carrying case that allows users to wear the radio wherever they like - on the lapel, in the pocket or on the waistband without ruining the fabric of the outfit. Finally, with the Smart Status Glow feature, dental workers can check an incoming message without disrupting the attention being given to the current patient.

Since investing in their Motorola CLP radios this dental office has experienced lower patient wait time, increased efficiency and improved customer confidence. Best of all, the investment in two-way radios was a fixed, one-time cost - no subscription or installation charges added.

Two-way radios for your dental office - the smart and economical choice!

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