Motorola HKPN4008B Single Unit Charger

Motorola HKPN4008B Single Unit Charger SALE


$70.00 $83.00

The HKPN4008 CLP Single Unit Charger is the compatible with the CLP1010e as well as the CLP1080e. 

Do you need a replacement or spare CLP radio charger? The HKPN4008 Single Unit Charger is a genuine Motorola replacement single unit charger.

Genuine Motorola HKPN4008 Single Unit Charger

Comes with charger and AC adapter

Works with CLPe series radios: CLP1010e and the CLP1080e .

Note: This product will not work on the "legacy" CLP series radios. If you have an older CLP Series radio, please refer to the CLP Legacy Accessories on here: