Motorola PMLN8536 Earpiece

Motorola PMLN8536 Earpiece



Unleash Hands-Free Communication with the Motorola PMLN8536 Headset (TLK 25 Compatible)

Boost Efficiency & Stay Connected:

The Motorola PMLN8536 Headset is your perfect partner for seamless communication with your Motorola TLK 25 two-way radio. Ditch the need to constantly hold your radio, and experience the convenience of hands-free operation.

Crystal-Clear Audio:

Enjoy exceptional audio quality thanks to the PMLN8536's built-in microphone and comfortable earpiece. Whether you're coordinating tasks on the retail floor, managing operations in a warehouse, or ensuring clear communication in a security setting, the PMLN8536 ensures your message is heard loud and clear.

Effortless Control:

The PMLN8536 features a conveniently located inline PTT (Push-to-Talk) button, allowing you to activate radio transmissions instantly without fumbling with your radio. This streamlines communication and keeps your focus on the task at hand.

Designed for Comfort & Durability:

The lightweight, C-style earpiece of the PMLN8536 provides a comfortable fit for extended wear. The swivel design allows for easy positioning on either ear for added user preference. Built to withstand demanding environments, the PMLN8536 boasts a durable construction, making it a reliable companion for everyday use.

Compatible with Motorola TLK 25:

The PMLN8536 seamlessly connects to your Motorola TLK 25 radio, allowing you to leverage its features without any additional configuration. Simply plug in the headset and enjoy crystal-clear, hands-free communication.

Key Features:

  • Motorola TLK 25 Headset
  • Hands-Free Communication 
  • Built-in Microphone & High-Quality Earpiece
  • Inline PTT Button for Instant Communication
  • Comfortable C-Style Earpiece with Swivel Design
  • Durable Construction for Everyday Use

Upgrade your communication experience with the Motorola PMLN8536 Headset. Order yours today!