T36022 Eartube Touch-Free Lapel Microphone

T36022 Eartube Touch-Free Lapel Microphone



ARC T36 Touch-Free Lapel Microphone with ARC NFC Bracelet.

Two-way radio touch-free microphone for improved efficiency in your office. Communicate within the office and between treatment rooms, give instructions, or request materials and needs easily and discretely. Eliminate time-consuming trips back and forth between rooms.


This Patented technology uses a touch-free device that allows communication without touching the push-to-talk button. This ensures a sterile environment is maintained and there is no cross-contamination while providing crystal clear interoffice communication.


Efficiency and productivity are essential to your business. ARC’s G36 and T36 Touch-Free Lapel Microphones provide an ideal solution for your office communication needs. Combined with the Kenwood® ProTalk PKT-23 radio, the G36 or T36 Lapel Microphones provide quick and quiet communication between you and your workers. You can easily transmit messages without pushing a button. It does not require any technical knowledge to use, is very easy to learn and implement office-wide. Communication becomes effortless. When you need to transmit, simply move your ARC NFC (Near Field Communication) bracelet up towards the microphone and speak freely. The sensor in the bracelet does all the work when placed within 1 to 2 inches of the mic. The NFC bracelet is wireless, does not require power, can be worn under gloves, and is 100% liquid-proof.