Five Tips for Surviving a Winter Road Trip

Winter road trips are a great way to enjoy cooler temperatures and to shake off any funk related to shorter days and the holidays.

Before you hit the road, it’s a smart idea to prepare for the unique challenges posed by winter road trips, including road safety issues.

Winter can throw a monkey wrench into even the best-made travel plans, so careful pre-trip planning is important. The following list of to-dos will help you better enjoy your journey:

  • Consider two-way radios – If you’re traveling as part of a caravan, or if hiking or outdoor activities are on the agenda, two-way radios can help ensure all members of your party stick together. Walkie talkies work in places where cell phone signals are weak or unavailable, making them an invaluable communications tool.
  • Check the weather – Don’t blithely venture forth. Be sure to check the weather conditions in the places you’ll be visiting. Knowing the weather conditions will allow you to re-route or re-schedule if severe weather is likely.
  • Make sure your car is winter-ready – Nothing can ruin a vacation like vehicle problems. Take appropriate steps to ensure that your vehicle can operate reliably in cold temperatures and on icy roads. Check your battery to ensure it is fully charged. Replace your wipers and wiper fluid. Check your tires to ensure they have appropriate tread, and put snow tires on your vehicle if you’re traveling to an area with extreme winter conditions.
  • Bring your phone and a charger – Your phone can provide vital communication service if you break down or are involved in an accident or blow-out. Make sure your phone is fully charged before departing, and bring along a car charger to keep it powered.
  • Pack extra blankets and coats – It’s always good to have a spare in case you lose or damage your gear or need additional warmth.

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