Two-Way Radios Trump Cell Phones in Battery Longevity

In an emergency situation, the last thing you want to happen is to lose your means of communication.

That’s why two-way radios are the ideal communications medium for emergencies , thanks to their energy efficiency.

While mobile phones are powerful communication tools, they are also notorious for having a short battery life. Mobile phones are basically very small computers, so their batteries must support a number of tasks. Even when smartphones aren’t running apps, they’re still using energy powering the touchscreen and running background programs such as the phone’s operating system.

On average, smartphones provide around just five hours of talk time between charges. Also, if cell towers in the area are down, and the phone has to search to find a signal, it will consume power even more quickly. In an emergency situation, where electricity may not be readily available, this can create huge problems.

Two-way radios provide a superior means of communication during emergencies. Walkie-talkies have superior battery life compared to smartphones. They are also not reliant on cell phone towers, making them more useful in natural disaster situations where towers may be inoperable.

Like cell phones, two-way radios use lithium ion batteries. The difference in battery longevity primarily springs from walkie-talkies’ power consumption. Because walkie-talkies only function as communications devices, they draw less power than smartphones.

Also, modern digital two-way radios make use of compressed transmission, a technology that makes transmissions more efficient and which reduces power consumption. As a result of their streamlined nature, two-way radios can operate for 12 hours or more without need of a recharge.

Two Way Radios trump cell phones for battery life

For emergency communications, or for professions where a reliable means of continuous communication is necessary, two-way radios’ battery longevity make them an ideal choice. Millions of police, line workers, firefighters, and other workers employ these simple, but effective communications devices in their work each day.

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