Two Way Radios and School Safety

Two Way Radios and School Safety

In a school environment, communicating between teachers, staff and administrators is just as important as the curriculum being taught to the students. It is critical to build an infrastructure of communications that can be fast and reliable when it matters the most.

Incidents happen every day. In a matter of seconds.

It’s lunch time. A child slips and falls and needs immediate medical attention. As an administrator you can’t leave the child’s side. Communication is key at this moment. Having a quick, efficient process to get this child the attention that he or she needs is imperative. You quickly grab your two-way radio, push a button and radio to the main office where another administrator calls emergency services. Simultaneously, you activate your body worn camera and every moment is recorded until emergency services gets there. You are able to get your message out quickly, efficiently, while documenting what is happening and also tending to the injured student.

Why should a school use two-way radios?

Helps teachers and administrators work with ancillary support staff to ensure safe and efficient day to day movement of students around the building

Helps to maintain social distancing in the time of COVID

Reliable communication during an emergency or an incident.

Better reception than cell phones, more reliable than cell phones

Longer battery life than cell phones

Bring calm to the chaos of hectic school days: lunch, drop offs, pick-ups, etc.

In addition to day-to-day operations, radios can be critical in reliable communications during an emergency or incident. We hope that we never have an intruder or other major catastrophe, but in the event of either, having the correct set up of radios in the hands of the correct people can be a matter of life and death.

Two-way radios are a cost-efficient, quick, and easy way for school staff to communicate with each other with just a push of a button. Elementary schools through universities can all benefit from the use of two-way radios.

Take security a step further.

With a body cam, you no longer have to question what happened during an incident. The evidence is there in plain sight. Most body cams are equipped with technology that can store and record many hours of video and audio, and can integrate with CCTV to make sure that you can see every angle of an incident.

Social Distancing

In the times of Covid, school security is not only about protecting students from physical harm and intruders. It’s also about protecting students from the virus. During a time when social distancing is a top priority, using two-way radios and body cams throughout the day allows teachers and staff to continue with their normal activities, while also maintaining appropriate distance.

Why can’t I just use my cell phone?

While cell phones are a wonderful technology to have, they can be clunky and require many swipes, clicks, and texts before you can get to the actual app or contact you need. With a two-way radio, all you need is one button push to contact a large group of people.

In the event of a major catastrophe where cell phone towers may be down, two-way radios will still function. You will still be able to communicate with other faculty and staff on campus.

Two Way Radios are also more cost efficient than cell phones. Providing a cell phone to all staff could get costly, with a two-way radio system implemented, everybody can have immediate access to each other without the extreme cost that goes with a cell phone and data plan.

What are the different types of communication devices that schools can utilize?

There are a few different types of devices that school campuses can use to optimize communications

On-Site Two-Way Radios- This option is one you are probably familiar with and most likely already have at your school. These radios are great for on-campus communications between staff members. There are a variety of models to choose from to suit your specific needs.

4G LTE Push to Talk- Similar to the technology of Nextel in the past, Motorola has released the TLK100 which is a nationwide push to talk radio that operates on the largest LTE network. This is an ideal option for communicating between campuses and district offices. Without distance limitations, LTE radios solve the problem of instant communications regardless of location.

Body Worn Cameras- Motorola has released the VT100 which is a body worn camera that can be utilized by schools and businesses to record incidents in real time. The camera is activated by the push of a button and can record up to 3 hours, integrate with existing CCTV systems and has its own video manager software. In the interest of safety, this is a solution all schools should consider. 

Having an effective communication system within your school and district is essential to make sure that everyday runs smoothly.

If you’re not sure what solution is best for you, contact one of our radio experts today!

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